Whether due to arthritis or some other cause, joint pain can be chronic, debilitating, and completely alter the quality of life for individuals. Joint discomfort can change how things are done as well as reduce the enjoyment of everyday activities. It is not a sensation that can be ignored, as anyone who has ever experienced such pain will confirm. Finding the best way to relieve and manage any kind of joint pain is essential sufferers to lead normal lives. Being able to do so through the use of pain management College Station without increasing reliance on prescription medications is preferable as well.


Most joint pain occurring in the knees, back and neck is caused by either injury to the area or degeneration. In either case, osteoarthritis is frequently the result, causing problems with cartilage padding and natural lubrication, both of which are essential for comfortable and free range of motion. Other than surgery to remove spurs and other bone formations, there is no way to remove the presence of osteoarthritis – bony growths, inflammation and degeneration within the joint causing discomfort upon movement. It is good to know that some things can be done to ease the discomfort and slow the progression of arthritis.


Dietary Supplements


Sometimes the addition of certain foods and supplements can be beneficial to those suffering from joint pain. There are glucosamine and chondroitin supplements, which have been available for some time, that do provide some relief. Fish oil is also known to have anti-inflammatory properties and be helpful for those with osteoarthritis. There are also many other vitamins, minerals, amino acids and herbs, some of which have been used for centuries for pain relief and improvement of conditions like osteoarthritis and other joint pain. There is also MSM, Vitamin E, SAMe and others to be considered.


The way in which these ingredients help is by nourishing the cartilage, enabling it to better heal as well as produce lubricating synovial fluid, a critical ingredient for injured or degenerating joints. Without enough fluid present, inflammation increases, bony growths increase and more destruction takes place. This type of College Station pain management of keeping cartilage as healthy as possible, even in the presence of osteoarthritis, usually provides some relief and helps to slow continued cartilage degeneration.


Joint Injections


Another way to gain relief from chronic joint pain caused by injury or osteoarthritis is through joint injections that provide both numbing and nourishing properties to affected areas. Performed under local anesthesia and sedative, pain management College Station doctors can inject medication directly into an affected joint, providing relief for a while although certainly not permanently.


Some more frequently used injections contain corticosteroids that reduce inflammation and lower pain; they may also include long-acting anesthetics as well. Joint flue injections can also be done if having dry joints due to poorly producing cartilage is the problem. Many injections include both corticosteroids and lubricating ingredients, producing beneficial result and providing mobility with less pain and a return to usual activity.


Whether or not these pain-relieving injections are feasible, anyone experiencing joint discomfort of any kind should also consider finding relief through diet as well. When these two options are combined, they can help combat debilitating joint pain and provide a viable alternative to ongoing prescription medication reliance!


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