When treatment for pain is unsuccessful, the best recommendation is to get a referral to a pain clinic in Bryan TX for further diagnosis and treatment. Many patients simply put up with ongoing pain, often thinking doctors won’t believe that pain has continued after initial healing and family or friends may look at it as overreaction while recommending to ‘toughen up’ and get on with life. The fact is, neurologic and/or chronic pain are different than the initial pain caused by illness or injury; unless diagnosed as such, any chronic pain may be harder to treat.


 Delaying Treatment of Neurologic Pain  


Specialists are concerned that patients who avoid seeking a pain clinic in Bryan Texas for unresolved pain will either not receive appropriate treatment for the problem or it will be harder to treat because of prolonged nerve damage. Chronic pain is actually a neurological condition occurring after a patient’s initial problem has been treated; a primary care physician may not consider this or know about current treatment to target this condition.


There is no valid reason for patients not receiving treatment for a condition that could otherwise worsen when a pain specialist could help. Most specialists report that records from referring doctors often reflect that none of the preferred neurological and chronic discomfort treatment methods had been tried or were not correctly implemented. So many patients who see a specialist find needed relief from one or more treatment methods not previously offered, options such as: anticonvulsant or antidepressant drugs, transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation (TENS), and cognitive and/or psychological therapy among others.


 When Is It Time to See a Pain Specialist?  


When is the right time to see a specialist? That will vary, although there are some common indicators that such a time has arrived, such as: increases in pain medication dosage without permanent relief; surgery has been suggested – and rejected in hopes of there being some other choice; seeing different physicians in trying to find help; and pain that may decrease but never completely goes away. Any or all of these scenarios indicate that it is time to seek treatment at a pain clinic in Bryan sooner rather than later and not suffer unnecessarily. Recognizing when that time has arrived is perhaps the most difficult thing to determine.


Early Intervention = Better Results  


For the best outcome of neurological and/or chronic pain, treatment for the neuropathy must be started as quickly as possible before permanent damage can happen to the affected nerves. Treatment studies have shown that patients referred earlier to a pain clinic in Bryan TX have better response to the various treatment options to end neuropathic symptoms; patients who delay or are initially not treated correctly by a primary care physician have a slower response to complete pain control. When this happens, discomfort can usually be controlled; however, it is less likely that it will ever be completely eliminated.


When symptoms continue after an injury, illness, or procedure, when a primary care physician has said the pain is neurological in nature and/or just will not resolve, it is definitely recommended to visit a pain clinic in Bryan Texas sooner rather than later. So the message here is to avoid delays; seek treatment from pain specialists who have more expertise and access to many treatment options, specialists who are dedicated to helping patients get relief from pain in whatever way necessary.


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