Pain, by its very nature, causes uncomfortable sensations for many different reasons and in many different ways. A brain reaction to a signal sent from damaged or affected nerves somewhere in the body, it is the body’s message that something is wrong, somewhere. The normal reaction to such stimulation is to seek the best way to stop it, as soon as possible. Yet it is important to understand that there are different types of pain, each of which can call for different treatment. In order to provide the best relief from such discomfort, a pain clinic College Station specialist must diagnose the symptoms in order to provide the best pain relief options. When dealing with the symptoms of pain, it is helpful to understand the two different types of pain:




This is the typical type of sensation that comes to mind when thinking of pain; it could also be called responsive pain. It is discomfort caused by an injury to a part of the body such as a broken bone, a cut on the hand, or even intestinal discomfort, all of which are examples of this type of pain. Nerve receptors at the site of the injury send messages to the brain that there is physical distress in that area. In other words, the nerves in that area are reacting with stinging, burning, or aching sensations to what has actually happened in that area.


This type of pain is usually localized, meaning it occurs in and around the site of injury and dissipates when the injury has healed. A pain clinic College Station physician would advise that it can be somatic or the result of a direct injury; or it may be visceral and involve discomfort within the body due to illness or injury.




When pain stems from the nerves themselves, not just the neurons and receptors associated with the many different body parts, it is called neuropathic. Damage to the nerves or neuropathy can occur with nociceptive pain as well as the origination is different, that being actual damage to the nerves themselves. Neuropathic pain can occur as a result of an injury, surgery, pressure coming from internal tumor or scar tissue as well as many other conditions; the result is pain that is burning, stabbing, throbbing or numb.


The nerves are damaged so messages of distress are continually relayed to the brain, even though the original injury or condition may be healed. The pain can last from weeks to months; it can unfortunately also be permanent in some cases depending on the original cause and the extent of the nerve damage.


Treatment Options


The first treatment that is normally taken is OTC non-steroid anti-inflammatory medication, relieving many types of pain by dulling excited nerves and neurons and slowing down that messages to the brain. For severe instances, stronger medication such as morphine and other opioids may be required. In many cases, neuropathy does not respond to such medication and requires other types of intervention. While these drugs usually control nociceptive responses, neuropathic pain does not always improve and over time, can actually worsen.


Since the cause of neuropathic pain is not always diagnosable, it can be difficult to treat. Depending on the originating area of the pain, some alternative treatments could include: certain antidepressants which have been proven to provide relief of some neuropathic pain; electrical nerve stimulation in the area; implanted medication delivery devices; chemotherapy; better management of underlying conditions such as diabetes and other metabolic conditions; acupuncture; and in more complex cases more invasive techniques.


Anyone experiencing chronic or debilitating pain of either type can find relief from a local pain clinic College Station physician. Through correct diagnosis of the condition and understanding the possible reasons for the pain, treatment can be tailored to achieve greater comfort and pain-free living!


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