Pain becomes chronic because of physical changes that occur to injured nerves that are unable to signal normally rather than as a result of long-term problems. Patients seeking pain management in Bryan must continue to discuss such discomfort with a doctor so that an appropriate diagnosis can be made and the right treatment found.


It’s Not Just Long-Term


Pain from the original issue may be long gone; however, damage to the tiny nerves and sensors at the site of injury or disease can continue the sensation of pain indefinitely, only in a slightly different format. This new condition is not caused by some kind of weakness or flaw from the initial injury; it results from the malfunction of nerves in the original area.  The back, neck and other joints are especially prone to develop this type of pain.


How It Becomes Chronic


So even if the original problem has resolved, discomfort can continue indefinitely as long as nerves in the area are overreacting to even the slightest disturbance. This is why it can seem as if the main injury is still acting up, when in reality the problem is malfunctioning nerves that continue to react. Some patients may even experience soreness when pressing on the painful area, even if that may not have been an original symptom.


Ending Chronic Pain


A patient with ongoing pain after initial injury treatment should consider the possibility of this type of neurological reaction and seek help from a pain management Bryan specialist. Don’t assume the main condition has not healed and continue the same treatment as there are now other options for relief from chronic pain!



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