Poor posture when seated is one of the most prevalent causes of back pain. Anyone who spends long hours sitting at a desk or leaning over while completing tasks can experience back pain. Students who spend many hours in classes or studying at home frequently fall into this category, especially when not paying attention to sitting posture. Studying and doing school work can leave some students with increasing discomfort unless their sitting posture is addressed and effort is made to prevent any lasting repercussions by visiting a pain doctor in Bryan TX.


 Studying Related Back Pain


Improperly sitting while reading, writing, or studying that causes the head to tilt downward can cause back pain over a period of time. Since students spend a good portion of time doing all of this, back pain can definitely happen; this is particularly true when bad study habits have been formed such as slouching over or any other less than optimal position on couches, beds, or chairs that do not promote good posture. The net result of this can be not only back pain but learning difficulties as well because it is hard to effectively study when dealing with back pain symptoms.


Preventing Back Problems


 According to any pain doctor in Bryan Texas, the key to preventing the onset of back problems while studying or doing similar activities involves correcting poor posture. That familiar student habit of seeking to be comfortable when studying laying on a bed or couch needs to disappear. Hitting the books needs to be done in a good seated posture at a desk or table in order to avoid the early onset of back problems.


 Ideally, studying should be done at a desk with an ergonomic chair; maintaining correct posture must be kept in mind. Computer screens should be adjusted to be at eye level; chairs and desks should be correctly adjusted for a height that will reduce slouching and bad neck angles. It is also important to place books and writing material at positions that will prevent slouching and bad posture. Book stands are invaluable for helping to maintain better neck and back posture and can be purchased fairly inexpensively. Keeping writing surfaces at a 15 to 25 degree incline on a flat surface can help reduce slouching and repetitive motion injury that can affect the wrists, arms, shoulders and upper back.


When spending extended periods of time reading, writing or working on a computer, it is important to take frequent breaks. Getting up to walk around and stretch for a few minutes every 30 to 45 minutes can help prevent pain caused by contracted and cramped muscles. It also gives an opportunity to check that seated posture and be sure a correct posture is being maintained while working.


 Preventing or reducing back pain and strain while doing school work takes some effort; however, time taken to protect the neck and back will be appreciated in the long run. Any students already experiencing back pain that does not resolve with the addition of better seating practices should see a pain doctor in Bryan for an examination to help resolve any pain issues typically faced by hard-working students!


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