The concept of pain is a complex one. While it can be described as the negative and uncomfortable sensations caused by physical injury or illness, there is a lot more to the continued experience of chronic pain. With this understanding, successful pain management in Bryan TX must be viewed from aspects other than the obvious physical one; mental and emotional effects caused by pain must be taken into account as well as how the cycle of physical and psychological symptoms can be interlinked. Conversely, taking mental control of such reactions by using thought and concentration – by using the brain as a pain management tool – can bring some relief.


Pain Happens in the Brain


No matter what is said, pain originates from – and is sometimes continued due to – signals to the brain. Physical injury sends messages to the brain, which in turn causes sensation at the location of the injury. This is why it is sometimes possible to decrease symptoms by interrupting this transfer of signals. Yet there is also a different type of communication that can originate in the brain, signals caused by the mental aspects that can accompany ongoing chronic pain and reduced quality of life.


The fact is, it is certainly possible to become depressed or anxious when chronic pain is experienced; those reactions continue – and even add to – the passage of the messages flooding to the injured area. What has been learned is that by redirecting thoughts away from this type of mental state and using the power of the mind, it is possible to calm such signals and lessen pain sensations. By forcing the mind to concentrate on the positives of having less discomfort, some pain relief can actually be achieved.


Concentration and Analgesia


It is well known that the brain can react to different conditions based on how such conditions are interpreted, which is why the same feelings may be excruciating to some and only a discomfort to others. Between the release of endorphins as well as not concentrating on bad sensations, it is possible for some to reduce pain levels by using a few different approaches.


Change of Focus – By switching focus away from the sensation of pain and thinking about a different pain-free part of the body, the reaction happening in the actual area of discomfort can be lessened.


Mental Medication – An individual can influence the release of endorphins while imagining receiving pain-relieving injections of anesthetic or analgesic drugs and how this could control discomfort.


Relocation – Another way to lessen the severity of pain is by mentally “moving” the uncomfortable feelings from the affected area to another pain-free area of the body. This can sometimes decrease negative sensations to the affected area.


Hot and Cold – If applying heat or cold seems to help, mental visualization of this process can create the actual feelings of heat or cold being applied and provide some desired relief.


Naturally, such techniques will take practice, since the ability to clear the mind and concentrate is essential; however, these mind-over-matter techniques should not be taken for granted until tried. Results will certainly vary; yet many people who can control their thinking have experienced some positive reactions.


Patients experiencing chronic pain who want to know more about mental techniques to control such discomfort should consider this approach. Since pain management in Bryan Texas is different for every person, it is worth using such techniques to try and gain some kind of relief. Regardless of how it is done, the main objective of pain management is to relieve pain. No matter what method is used, it all happens in the brain!


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