There are many different ways to control chronic neck, back and other types of pain. In cases where medication does not provide enough relief or a different method of relief is desired, a procedure called radio frequency nerve ablation or RFA can stop chronic discomfort for many sufferers. This procedure may be recommended by a pain doctor in Bryan TX depending on a patient’s response to other treatment. By blocking certain nerves from sending pain signals, months of comfort can be found for some patients, making it another option when experiencing chronic pain that is difficult to control.


General Information


Developed as an alternative method of chronic pain relief, radio frequency nerve ablation or RFA is a semi-permanent way that uses radio waves to interrupt the signal sending ability of tiny facet joint branch nerves. When applied to the problem nerves, the radio waves create enough heat energy to damage the nerve endings and stop nerve communication to the brain; brain response is prevented and pain relief can be achieved. The treatment can last anywhere from 3 to 19 months, with about 9 to 12 months being average.


Procedure Information


Before having an RFA procedure, it is important to confirm if it will help a patient. This is usually done by a pain doctor in Bryan using temporary, diagnostic blocks on the suspected nerves to see if the desired effect is produced. If discomfort is reduced or stopped with a diagnostic nerve block, it is possible that the targeted nerves can be semi-permanently blocked using RFA.


Patients undergoing an RFA procedure are usually sedated so muscles are relaxed; local anesthesia may also be given at the site of the procedure. An insulated probe is inserted into the muscle and to the location of the nerves that are causing the pain reaction. Once the probe is in the right location to treat the suspected nerves, electric current is applied for up to 90 seconds, damaging the nerve endings. After RFA treatment, the affected nerves are unable to signal, breaking the cycle of reaction and providing patient relief. It may take a week or two before pain dissipates; once it has, months of relief can be found from this procedure.


Benefits of RFA


The main benefit of RFA is to offer a more permanent, complete relief of pain symptoms for hard to treat pain or symptoms that have been resistant to treatment. The procedure works best with many types of spinal and neck pain, including arthritis and degenerative disc disease as well as some types of neuropathic pain. RFA is primarily indicated for patients who have a positive response to initial diagnostic nerve blocks. If that is the case, RAF is a fairly easy procedure that is usually very safe, providing months of comfort after the procedure.


For chronic pain that has resisted medication or other types of treatment, consider using radio frequency nerve ablation to find desired relief. The best thing to do is contact a local pain doctor in Bryan Texas to discuss the condition that is causing the difficulty and determine if radio frequency nerve ablation can help bring some very needed relief from chronic pain.


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